Web 2.0 Tools For VET

The crucial goal of the IV4J project is to exemplify and demonstrate that and how VET (Vocational Education and Training) can benefit from the contemporary Web 2.0 methods and tools. In order to convince VET teachers and its decision- and policy makers, this IV4J project goes two steps further than just signaling that both the effectiveness and the efficiency of Web 2.0 features will increase. More important is to clarify that the essence of the learning and teaching process will evolve further in the direction of ubiquitous, continuous and life-long learning.

In order to make this mission successful, we as IV4J team have decided to carefully articulate how the Web 2.0 extensions do not necessarily disrupt the traditional culture in expertise transfer from the trainer to the apprentice; Even if we take the more drastic extrapolations of cognitive- and social constructivism, it is still possible to assimilate the more active ways of learning into the trainer-orchestrated class or workshop.

We wish you courage and inspiration in distilling this chapter’s final message and impact.

The Creative Problem Solving Methodology Guide is Available in more languages!

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